Who I am

Where I came from

What do I do

Yohai Portal was born and raised in a small town near Haifa, Israel. His family is filled with artists and a creative enthusiasts all around. Painters, dancers, movement teachers, architects, hairstylists, fashion designers, and other  musicians, just to name a few.  

After giving up sports for good, due to a bad knee injury, Yohai started focusing  his efforts on developing his musicality and performance skills. His first band was  at 16 years old, and he started playing and putting together local shows near his  hometown area (Kiryat Atta) with friends from school playing covers and some  original music. Around the age of 19, Yohai was already playing 10-20 shows  every month in the years to follow with different cover bands, tribute bands, and  wedding bands across Israel. 

In 2011, Yohai joined the Israeli Rock N Roll Band, The Genders. Together they  recorded and released their 3rd studio album, ‘Guts And Heartstrings,’ which was  signed and published by Lovecat Music from NY. 

The Genders’ music appeared in movies such as American Pie – The Book of  love, Adam Sandler’s – That’s my boy and several TV shows such as HBO’s True  Blood, FX networks – The Mayans, and a couple of MTV commercials. 

Due to his strong presence at the local music scene, he started booking gigs as a  session musician for other artists and music producers. Studio work as a session  guitarist became second nature for Yohai. Eventually, it led to a few substantial  Pop hits ranked #1 in Israel’s mainstream music chart (GLGLTZ). This brought  attention to Yohai’s name all around the country.


In 2015, Yohai met Gadi Altman, the lead singer of the biggest Grunge-rock band  in Israel named “Boten Matok Bakirkas.” The band had a couple of big radio hits  of Israeli caliber while Yohai was just beginning as a guitar pupil. Altman invited  Yohai to jam with the band, which felt like it was just meant to be, and after years  of looking for the correct lead guitar player, the missing piece was finally found.  By completing the band’s lineup, together, they created the band’s 3rd album  called “3”. This album was recorded, mixed, and mastered in three days and  played live (like in the old days) to enhance the FEEL of a live band playing their  hearts out.


In November 2015, Yohai left his home in Israel and moved to LA, since then he  is leaving his mark on LA Hollywood’s live scene, playing best live music venues  such as The Whisky A Go-Go, Lucky Strike, Viper Room, The Roxy, The Canyon  Club and The Rose club by Saban group, as well as, numerous House Of Blues  venues around the country and many more.

Yohai also had the privilege to take part in local Los Angeles exclusive events  such as Ultimate Jam Night (Whisky A Go Go), Soundcheck Live (Lucky Strike  Live), The Sunset Jam (The Viper Room) & Hollywood Hustlers, featuring the top  well-known touring musicians, sessions players, and worldwide artists in Los  Angeles, CA. 

Up until now, Yohai has been fortunate to play shows on the same bill with artists  such as Tom Morello, Steve Vai, Nuno Bettencourt, Gilby Clarke (Guns N Roses),  Mike Portnoy, Richie Kotzen, Joe Perry, Johnny Depp, Nancy Wilson, Harry  Waters (son of Roger Waters), Steve Aoki, Infected Mushroom, Astrix, Bliss,  Ritmo, Dark Soho, No Comment, Riot as well as sharing a stage with band  members from bands like Alice Cooper, Chris Cornell, Europe, Foreigner, Steven  Wilson Band, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Toni McCalapine, Madonna, Katy Perry,  Backstreet Boys, Air Supply, Tony Braxton, Billy Gibbons, Pink, Billy Idol,  Beyonce, Gwen Steffani, Avril Lavigne, Richie Sambora. As well as working with  legends such as Quentin Tarantino, Desmond Child, Infected Mushroom, Steve  Aoki, Jetfire, Riot, No Comment, Dark Soho, Juan Di Pace, Azaela Banks. 

Recently, Yohai was signed to PRS (Paul Reed Smith) Guitars as an artist and  has been supported by them ever since. In addition, others have sought out to  endorse him, such as Shure, Ultimate Ears, Warm Audio, InTune Guitar Picks,  SKB cases, Moody Leather, Bare Knuckle Pickups & Kemper Amps. 

In 2018, Yohai founded a Linkin Park tribute band called “In The End” with Chris  Hodges, Zak St, John, Andrew James, and Reily Qyote. IN THE END, is more  than a tribute band. Full of music industry veterans, they have performed with  some of the biggest artists and on some of the greatest stages in the world. They  create a live show that is second to none, and the crowd reaction to these shows  is a testimony to that fact. They have even partnered with mental health non profit organizations such as Change Direction, To Write Love On Her Arms, and  more. Their goal is to provide financial support to these organizations and  provide global platforms to discuss the issues surrounding mental health  awareness openly. 

In January 2020, an idea of fronting a band started a butterfly effect that led to  the first GreenblacK (Current main project). Yohai stars as the lead singer, guitar  player, and primary writer. Currently, he is releasing songs off his first album titled  “Consumption Overkill.” Greenblack is a musical venture created by Heavy Metal  riffs combined with Prog-Rock influences alongside uncompromising lyrics.  GreenblacK’s authenticity and energy has caught the public eye, and not  planning to stop anywhere!